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Welcome to The VFA News Club!

I hosted and configured this open source project so that we had a place like hackernews, indiehackers or lobsters to share & discuss interesting content. Groupme is great for chatting and memes, but the really deep conversations get really messy and disjointed. Hopefully this space can add to our community.

Please note that this community is currently configured to be invitation-only, in order that we don’t get any spammers. So anyone in the user tree can invite anyone they want. Initially, this means I’ll have to invite a couple people and they can invite from there. Please send your email to me @ seanjcrl@gmail.com if you’re interested. This doesn’t need to be exclusively VFA, just couldn’t think of a better group of people to start with. NEVERMIND, just open signups for now, look down at the bottom of the page.

Happy to be transparent with any aspect of the site and hosting. That goes for any questions at all really :)

Technically, there are a lot of bits and pieces that still need to be figured out - lmk if you find anything broken or bugged out. Or want to help out in some capacity (still need a icon and favicon hint hint). But honestly, the most helpful thing you could do would be to submit & discuss interesting content!


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    Also, very happy to add tags if the right tag doesn’t currently exist - still figuring things out!