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Hello all! I fielded this survey to others in a smaller group for feedback, but click on the title if you’d like to take it yourself. I’m thinking of a new furniture company idea, and I’d love to learn more about 20-30 something moving habits; i.e. how frequently people move their belongings from place to place? which furniture makes the cut? what furniture do we throw away? what are the things we will always take with us?

For more excellent questions, take le survey!

If you’re interested in furniture design, have some feedback, or want to learn more about the idea, hit me up!


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    Have you connected with Martin? He was asking some questions about the furniture market on the SHS groupme - might also be interested in the research phase!

    Also, do you have any early hypotheses or observations?

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      Hey Amy, reach out if you’d like to talk more about this - just took your survey and I think I’m following your train of thought. Also, check out feather for furniture rental and burrow for modular furniture. Really could’ve gotten in to this industry 4 years ago before either of those were a thing