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This is the weekly thread to discuss what you have done recently and are working on this week.

Please be descriptive and don’t hesitate to champion your accomplishments or ask for help, advice or other guidance.


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    Recently launched a podcast in collaboration with a non-profit in Philly that enables people experiencing homelessness to pursue micro-entrepreneurship. The podcast narrates the homeless experience in Philly with the goal of shedding light on what life is like in that situation. The first two episodes are out now! Please subscribe if you like it. Any proceeds from sponsorship would go to the organization.


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      Awesome work! I don’t see a way to subscribe directly on that page, do you have a link? I also found some of their magazines at https://www.osaphilly.org/the-magazine/#past-papers if anyone wants to check it out too.

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        You need to choose your preferred platform from that link, eg Apple, google, etc. then subscribe from there

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      Work @ Neuroflow:

      • Putting together an use analytics dashboard to understand behavior
      • Drafting a product design proposal around Gamification

      Work @ Home:

      • Building robots
      • Studying for cyber security certifications
      • Vortex canon
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        I like the @home vs. @work trend so keeping it up… also I’m not sure how this fits in but wouldn’t it be great if a word cloud (using AI) could be made to analyze your checklists from the last x months to show how you distributed your mental energy and what you checked vs didn’t. This may exist.. anywho

        @work -trying to balance daily “to-do”s with long term strategic goals without getting years behind on email. Something has to lag?? -figuring out what I want from both a fellowship and work perspective. Community involvement and engagement balanced with professional development. When can the two overlap? Not just doing to do. Ok end of my journal saga

        @home -working on the website and product development for a company with my mom -deciding what comes next if we figure out there is interest for the product -could use guidance from anyone who’s worked on branding and/or direct to consumer e-commerce sales

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          At work:

          • Launching our new product, the Dealbar, for a client. Looking forward to moving this project from ‘active development’ to ‘maintenance’, it’s been fun, but there is lots of other work piling up that is calling my name.

          At home:

          • Finishing the last items on the ‘Beta’ milestone for Checklisting Club. Getting billing stuff setup has been a bit more than I expected - but once that is done, I can really zero in on the sales/marketing stuff (or so I tell myself). One thing that has helped motivate me recently was describing how this side project aligned with my values and mission, sounds cheesy, but gave the project some perspective.
          • Getting into a writing habit has been tough for me, I always feel the need to rebuild or modify my process rather than actually do any writing. But I have been stewing on this one idea for a while, so hopefully can get something out there soon!
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            I feel like I’ve been seeing more and more about this checklisting phenomenon in professional settings. Interested to see where it goes.