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This is the weekly thread to discuss what you have done recently and are working on this week.

Please be descriptive and don’t hesitate to champion your accomplishments or ask for help, advice or other guidance.


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    The last few weeks have been brutal for my personal life: I’ve been sick for 3 weeks, a 2015er I became close with moved away, work has been culturally very disappointing (and low key hostile), I haven’t exercised, and I haven’t been social. But that’s all changing! Working on a few cool things this week:

    1. Locked down a partnership letter with a theater group in Baltimore to officially host the 2019 Refugee youth Film Festival (it’s ACTUALLY happening)
    2. Shooting off a few applications to various startups around Baltimore
    3. Working on a personal project to better understand the entrepreneurial journey (because I’m not exposed to it at work whatsoever)

    Redux is around the corner and that’s what is keeping me going at this point. Excited to see everyone!

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      Sorry to hear about the rough few weeks, glad to hear things are looking up. Interested in item #3 here - what kind of project/medium are you working on?

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      Just got back from a nice week vacation at the beach, feeling pretty fresh, but really need to gather my thoughts/make a plan (esp. since it’s a short week).


      Been working a lot on my DnD character for an upcoming campaign, he’s a druid, who is a cross btwn Treebeard from Lord of the Rings and Steve Irwin (which I think will be a lot of fun to play). Project wise, not sure what I want to focus on atm, maybe my blogging/ethnography/writing. Like I said above, feeling super disorganized atm, so need to do some mind-mapping or something to get my thoughts in order.


      Working on redesigning one of our core products and getting back into the groove. We also have our monthly town hall esque meeting, so need to prepare for that.

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        @Home Trying to learn how to make a good curry. Currently failing.

        @Work Developing an internal platform to replace one we use from a 3rd party. Hopefully this will be +1 why not to fire me.

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          @home At the beach with family and friends for a first real vacation and I hate that I’m slightly antsy about not “catching up” while not in the office… Finished my book club book and loved every fictional non-educational second of it. Little fires everywhere. Leading a yoga rooftop class for a Jewish community group in sTL next week.

          @work Things are fine. I am now focused on “space and connectivity” investments. Trying to learn as much as possible as quickly as possible about space startups and why anyone would chose to devote their days and weeks and lives to developing a product that they may never see fully come to fruition.

          Interesting but challenging. Often times overwhelming but I guess that’s supposed to be a good thing.