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This article was posted in the GroupMe and it seemed that some people (myself included) had some thoughts about it. I just wanted to make a place where we can have a better discussion, because I am curious about other VFAers’ views and ideas related to this article and the points it makes.

For those who have read it (I have not) maybe we can also discuss thoughts on the book ‘White Fragility’ by Robin DiAngelo.


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    I personally liked the article and thought it made some great points. I haven’t read the book it’s critiquing so I’m not sure how valid the critique itself is, but would love to get the opinion of someone who’s read the book. I agree with the main thesis of the article (as I understood it): no one should speak for others. DiAngelo should not speak for people of color (please correct me if that is not the best term), nor should she label all white people (is that the best term?) as originally and basically racist. I think most of the time when someone makes a broad statement about a group of people (e.g. all whites, all blacks, all men, all women) it is false, because any group of people assembled based on one characteristic is likely to vary in all others.